S. Khemrat Group was established in 1982 from a joint venture between the petrol station in the name of Chanachai Khemrat Limited Partnership and the stone mill in Amphoe Khemmarat, Ubon Ratchathani.

Later in 1986, the joint venture was extended the business and established S. Khemrat Industry Company Limited, which is the largest building contractor of basic infrastructure in the northeast region and in the national level. With the performance guaranteeing the success over 33 years, the company registered with the registered capital of 450 million bath. The companhy is a contractor of construction work for both the public and private sectors with over 1,000 works. The company is a construction contractor with expertise of quality personnel, skilled engineers and exceeding 500 machines to support all levels of the work. The company is entrusted with the ability to manage projects and excellent operational period. New technologies are brought to use in the opeations continuously with a broad perspective and vision of the executives. Moreover, the company has financial strength and stability, including attention to safety, the environment and stakeholders of the organization.

In 2016, the company was certified as a special-class construction contractor and a 1 out of 70 of the fastest growth constractors. The company has been entrusted to carry out many construction projects, such as the special highway construction project between Saraburi and Bang Pa-in, Phase 13, the Highway no. 2050 construction project for the route of Trakan to Baan Huay Yang, the Highway No. 212 construction project for the route of Ubon Ratchathani to Amnat Charoen, Phase 2, the Highway No. 208, Tor Lor 2 Intersection, construction project or the route of Tha Phra to Maha Sarakham, the dam construction project for the embankment protection, and many other projects.

Nowadays, the company has expanded the business under the name of “S. Khemrat Group” that consists of 6 affiliated companies with over 700 employees including S. Khemrat Industry Company Limited, S. Khemrat Transport Company Limited, SK Guardian Company Limited, SK Green Agro Products Company Limited, S. Khemarat Express Company Limited, and Chanachai Khemarat Company Limited. The business operations are divided into 5 types as follows:

  1. Construction Contractor and Construction Materials Production Business
  2. Logistics Business
  3. Parcel Delivery Business
  4. Agricultural Products Business
  5. Service Business